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Unlock the Power of Talent Acquisition with Bullhorn’s Open Source Career Portal

With Bullhorn Open Source Career Portal, you can easily post job listings to attract potential candidates. The platform allows you to create detailed job descriptions, specify job requirements, and set application deadlines. Job postings can be categorized by department, location, or any other relevant criteria to make it easier for candidates to find relevant opportunities. 

In today’s competitive business environment, securing top talent is crucial for staying ahead of the curve. At Gear Partners, we recognize the significance of finding the right individuals to drive your organization’s success.

With our expertise as a Certified Bullhorn Systems Integrator Partner, we’re equipped to empower your talent acquisition strategy and maximize the potential of your software investments.

How OSCP Works

When applicants apply using your Open Source Career Portal, they are added into Bullhorn ATS as a new candidate record with the status of New Lead.

Other additional custom options include:

  • Branded Career Portal
  • Indeed Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Google for Jobs

We partner with Deliverypath, a strategic Advanced OSCP company who will manage your Career Portal Page.  https://deliverypath.com/oscp/