We assess how your clients are using the tools, identify pain points (process vs functionality), provide recommendations and support if needed.

Are you maximizing your investment in Bullhorn?

Are you using Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn Onboarding?

Do you see the ROI on your investment?

Are you still doing manual processes or work arounds?

We provide an independent review of a company’s usage, adoption, and efficiency around their Bullhorn investment, based on current state.  It is designed to evaluate the overall health or risk profile of a project, assess customer satisfaction, provide recommendations for improvement, and implement actions for project recovery or future enhancements. It focuses on:

  • Review Open Issues/Mitigation strategy around addressing them
  • People assessment

  • Adoption assessment

  • Best practices effectiveness

  • Lessons Learned Review

  • Feedback from planning and delivery personnel

  • Continuity in the improvement of their future set of features/enhancements at a predictable cost

  • Identification of improvement areas and post-check support activities/new functionality

  • Change assessment – changes  in your business require changes to processes and systems

  • Evaluation Executive Summary and Checklist

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